10 December 2014

De Ganesh Green Tea Relax Essence Mask

 photo DeGaneshGreenTeaRelaxEssenceMask04.jpg

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My Thoughts
I'm quite surprised that this mask works well on my skin cos I have no faith in it.
The slightly thick and hard paper mask is soaked with lots of clear liquid essence and has a pleasant perfume scent. 
At night, I will put on the mask on my clean skin and leave it on till it dries up.  In order not to waste the remaining essence that's left inside the foil packet, I will cut open the foil packet and apply the essence onto my neck, arms and legs.
After mask, my face has the oily shine and the essence leaves my skin sticky for quite a while.  The next morning my entire face is still oil shiny, but after washing it, it looks bright, hydrated and glowing.
 photo DeGaneshGreenTeaRelaxEssenceMask06.jpg

 photo DeGaneshGreenTeaRelaxEssenceMask01.jpg

 photo DeGaneshGreenTeaRelaxEssenceMask02.jpg

One box has 6 pieces of 25ml individually wrapped mask
 photo DeGaneshGreenTeaRelaxEssenceMask03.jpg


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