29 December 2012

Laaaf White Reveal Tender and Smooth Mask

My Thoughts

The soft paper mask is soaked with a transparent smooth essence that has its own pleasant mild scent.  I don't smell any perfume.

At night, I will put on the mask on my cleansed face and remove it when it's dried up.  It sticks on quite well to the skin.  I will apply the remaining essence that's left inside the foil packet to my neck and shoulders.  The essence leaves my skin coated and sticky, which soon the stickiness will go away and I feel a smooth coating on my skin.  The next morning, my face is little oil shiny.  And after washing, it's smooth, bright, hydrated and glowing.

I somehow find that the mask has a weird shape.  I wonder what should I do with the two protruded corners on the forehead part.

Laaaf White Reveal Tender and Smooth Mask makes you feel like going back to when you were young.
Laaaf is specialised in anti-aging.
The advanced technologies of Chromocare and Etioline are used to help every lady resist wrinkle, sagging, darkening, dryness and any other kinds of skin problems due to ageing.
Replenish collagen and water for skin.
- Help skin improve the ability of locking moisture
- Prevent and repair small damage of skin
- Help to tone up loose skin and lighten wrinkles
- Lighten spots and prevent melanin
- Resist ageing


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