22 December 2012

Cocoa B Surprise Bar


I got a Cocoa B Surprise Bar from Grace Tan.

Thank you to Grace and the good looking guy from Cocoa B to personally deliver the chocolate to my house.

It's really a surprise as I thought it would be a huge one, but it's just a normal size chocolate.  This is the first time I came to know and eat this chocolate. 
I was given their new product of a dark chocolate with smashed nuts.  It's a unique kind of chocolate where the nuts are stick on the surface of the chocolate bar.
Once I opened the plastic packaging, immediately I'm able to smell the nice chocolate fragrance.   I love the thick, creamy and less sweet dark chocolate, that tastes really good with the crunchy nuts.  However, I feel it's a waste that when I break the chocolate into small pieces, bits of nuts dropped off to the floor. 


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