16 December 2012

Comfort Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Sample


Blossom Fresh  30ml

I find that both the Fabric Conditioners have the same strong scent.  The white one is more concentrated than the pink one.  I will add a pack into the washing machine's final rinse.  Both leave the clothes feeling soft and with a very nice fragrance.
For the clothes that are dried indoor, they really help to prevent the damp smell from occurring.  But when the clothes are dried under the hot sun, the nice smell of the sun will cover up the perfume fragrance.  They are really effective in keeping the indoor drying clothes smelling nice, with no more stinky damp smell.

We got the Comfort Ultra Pure 22ml Samples from Comfort Zone Singapore.

I love Pure, but the concentrated one is really expensive, so I bought the normal type Comfort Fabric Conditioner 5L bottle.  I wanted the white, but it's out of stock so I took the Touch of Love.  I will get the white on my next buy.

To me, all the Comfort Fabric Conditioners, regardless of the liquid or concentrated type, they give the same effect.  They make the clothes smell really nice and feel soft.




Joanna Rees said...

Oh I got a sample of that in the post the other say from http://www.fabfreesamples.co.uk/free-comfort-pure-ultra-concentrate/ loved it! I even bought some in Tesco.

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