10 June 2011

小小 Small Small

I named this abandoned cat 小小. She's small sized and the way she sits, her arms posture is exactly the same like bull dog.
Someone left her inside the multi-storey carpark of my estate. She’s hungry and always begging humans for food.  2 ladies from another estate came to capture her for sterilization + abortion and released her back here, but a week later, she disappeared.
While passing by another estate, I'm really surprised to see her there. Wondering how she got there? Then when I passed by a few more times, I didn't see her.  After sometime, I saw her infront of a HDB block. I'm so happy to know that she's been adopted by the Chinese Medicine Shop. She has gotten really fat, no longer begging for food and has a home.
She's definitely a lucky abandoned cat.










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