10 June 2011

Pregaine Clear Gel Shampoo


Pregaine Clear Gel Shampoo The thick lather and rich fragrance empower your presence. It will stomp the curl and fight the frizz. Hair will succumb to your every demand.

Pregaine Clear Gel Shampoo is an innovative gel shampoo specially formulated to effectively and gently clean thinning hair, adding body, volume and manageability. 

Pregaine is ideally suited for use with Regaine as it does not impede the absorption of Regaine or damage new hair growth. 

Note : Pregaine Shampoo does not contain the active ingredient found in Regaine.

Directions : Wet hair and apply Pregaine.  Lather and rinse thoroughly.

Ingredients :

My Experience

This clear gel shampoo has a nice perfume scent. 

It comes with a convenient flip cap.

My hubby is the only one using this shampoo.  He has very oily and thinning hair.

Wet hair.  Squeeze out a little shampoo onto his palm and apply on top of his head.  Add water to lather to rich bubbles.  Massage for a while and rinse off with water.

He washes his hair twice a day, every morning and night.  But only uses this shampoo in the morning on alternate days.  Washing with it everyday, will make him bald head.

This shampoo has not reduced his hair falling.  I see his hair everywhere on the floor, bed, sofa and dressing table.  In fact, this shampoo has made his hair fall even more. 

However, it did make his scalp less oily.  His hair is no longer as super oily as before.


ameer mahdi said...

Please please please could you tell me where can i find this shampoo, iam searching for it for about a year and did not find it.
iam in united arab emirates/Dubai
they said it is discontinued i dont know why
could you please contact me if you have any idea
Thank you very much

Bebe said...

I dont know where u can buy it in Dubai.

This shampoo is selling almost everywhere in Singapore, at Watsons, Guardian and drug stores.

Unknown said...

It is also discontinued in Bahrain. I am looking for it too, since a long time. Anybody has any idea where to get it in Bahrain. Pls write to - farrah26@gmail.com

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