06 June 2011

SANA Natural Resource Cleansing Oil Sample

Natural Resource is born from nature - “gentle, natural and beautiful.” Luxury skin care and base makeup series.  Natural Resource is a cosmetic product that delivers natural beauty and aromas to sensitive skin.

Skin care products are additive-free WITHOUT

  • alcohol
  • paraben
  • mineral oil
  • colorants
  • artificial fragrances
  • UV absorbent agents
I received 2 x 4ml sachet in my mailbox.

My Experience 

This cleansing oil has a lime scent.  Squeeze out oil onto my palm and spread evenly onto my face and neck.  Rub in circular motion, ensuring my entire face is thoroughly cleanse, especially on my eye area.  As I rub, the oil makes my face real oily.  After cleansing, rinse with water and wash my face again with cleansing foam.  

My face feels very smooth and clean.  But soon, it becomes oily, especially on my nose area.  

This cleansing oil will thoroughly remove makeup in a single cleanse, but it makes my pimple prone skin even oilier.

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