11 March 2012

Braphy Lip Plumper Gloss



My Thoughts

The transparent lip gloss contains lots of glitters and tastes like 麦芽糖.  It's a long wearing, non-oily and non-sticky lip gloss, that makes my lips feels smooth with a beautiful mirror shine.

But after sometime, it dries up, got to reapply whenever necessary.  It can be easily removed with a tissue paper or water.

The peach color is exactly the same as the transparent one.  It looks peach, but when applied on the lips, it's so light in color, that it looks the same as the transparent one.

We each got a Mini Braphy Lip Plumper Gloss from SaSa SG Facebook.

My Encounter

My cousin, sister and I went together to collect the lip gloss at SaSa Plaza Singapura.  We went to the toilet, so my cousin collected hers and got the peach color.  At the corridor, my cousin told us to get the lip gloss from the older big eyes staff, cos' the chubby fair skin small eyes one is super rude and unfriendly.

We went it and were given the transparent ones, so we asked her if we could have another color and she said the samples only come in transparent color.  We told her our cousin just left the shop and got a peach color, but she totally denied it. 
We are really disappointed with this chubby fair skin sales staff for being dishonest and a great liar.  We should have listened to my cousin and look for the older staff. 
When I collected the previous giveaway prize at SaSa Wisma Atria.  The friendly staffs there are courteous and put on smiles, which made me feel welcome and happy.


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