28 March 2012

Fancl HTC® Collagen

A gift from Peng.

Fancl HTC@ Collagen for a firm and radiant skin.

FANCL patented HTC® Collagen (High Tripeptide - Containing Collagen) boosts collagen synthesis to minimize signs of aging.  Its shorter molecular structure compared to regular collagen ensures effective absorption into skin.

HTC® COLLAGEN contains 900mg of HTC® Collagen in tablet form.  Ideal for those who wish to maintain regular collagen intake for firm, radiant skin, or replenish depleted collagen levels related to aging.

251mg x 180 tablets.

6 tablets, best taken after dinner or before bedtime.

High Tripeptide-containing Collagen (HTC® Collagen) from Gelatin,
Starch, Cellulose, Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters, Shellac.


My Thoughts

A packet contains a month’s supply of 180 tablets.

I swallow 6 tablets with water per day before bedtime, and soon I find that the skin on my face is very much smoother, clearer and brighter.  The oily T-zone and blemishes have totally disappeared.

I am really happy with my new beautiful radiant skin.

But, after I finished the whole packet, soon my skin went back to its normal self.  The beautiful skin has gradually disappeared and the oily T-zone reappears again.

I would say, in order to have a beautiful radiant skin, I will need to continue consuming it.  This beauty regimen is definitely a long term commitment. 


xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Wow that's cool. I wonder if they really works! Please do a review soon and let me know! Hehehe ^_^

Bebe said...

no problem. I've just taken it for 2 nights and hope to get a beautiful radiant skin in a month's time.

Maria Oliveira said...

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Bebe said...

Hi, Thanks for following. I'm following yours too.

Marxie ♔ said...

Are you still using this? Is it really effective? I wanted to buy one too. D:

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