31 March 2012

Green Skin Eye Bag Eliminator Stick

 A Korea product.  Prevent Eye bags and Eye lines.

Green Skin Eye bag eliminator Collagen-rich, and provide supplement of variety of nutrients which can effectively relieve eye bags, eye circles, and the effect of rapidly hydrating your eyes, makes it beautiful and charming.

-        Eliminate

-        Moisture

-        Prevent

-        Better eyes

-        Cell regrowth factor

-        Vitamin B5

-        Vitamin C

-        Hyaluronic Acid

20 pieces per box.  Which means, in 20 days time, no more eye bags.

I won a box of Green Skin Eye Bag Eliminator Stick from Fuku Bag Facebook - Great Giveaway.

Thank you, Fuku Bag for delivering the gift to my house. I was out for dinner yesterday night, so it was left inside the dirty shoe basket outside my door.

And Thank you so much Gals for your support. Saranghae .

I am a huge fan of masks and I am really excited to receive this box of 20 pieces eye masks.


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