17 February 2012

Watsons Moisturising & Softening Olive Body Scrub


My Thoughts

This beige body scrub has a slight watery texture with lots of mild exfoliating beads, and has a strong olive fragrance. 

Because of its not so thick texture, I have to use double the amount to cover my whole body, as compared to the thick scrubs.  Since it is not thick, I will add a little water to dilute it.  Adding too much water, will make it more watery.

When rubbing my skin with the mild and gentle exfoliating beads, I feel comfortable as if I am massaging my skin.

After scrubbing, my skin feels smooth and moisturized, with a long lasting olive scent.  It works great on my super dry skin, without making it dry.

I bought them from Watsons at S$6.95, Buy 1 get 1 Free.


ZatZ said...

lovely! looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Bebe said...

Hi, I've entered.

Rabi Makeup Glitz said...

Nice review.

This is new follower from Rabi Makeup Glitz <3

Bebe said...

Thank you.

I'm already following your blog. Nice blog.

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