07 February 2012

SexyLook Hello Kitty Hyaluronic Acid Whitening & Moisturizing Mask

My sister's box of Hello Kitty Hyaluronic Acid Whitening & Moisturizing Mask.

So cute...


One box contains 5 pieces of 25ml mask.


kerker said...

wow how cute!! i love hello kitty.. we never sell any good stuff in Australia =(

you have a very cute blog, if you have time come over to my blog @ The Ugly Moments

Minnie said...

omg so cute x3
love hello kitty ♥

Bebe said...

Thank you. I love Hello Kitty too.

pureJeanius said...

Hello Kitty!!! I think the instructions are cute and funny!


Crissy said...

Very Cute... I always wanted to try this but never knew where to purchase.

I would also Like to invite you to enter my Valentine's day giveawys.


xoxo- Crissy

Shasha said...

aww this mask is so cute ^^

Bebe said...

Yes, this is so cute that my sister can't bring herself to use it.

It's sold at Watsons and SASA in Singapore. There are two types of masks, Kitty in Pink and Red ribbons.

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