05 February 2012

Giant Hypermarket at IMM Building


My sister and I came home today with super 'black' faces.

She has hugged two 2 litres bottles of cold dripping wet beverages, which made her wet and cold.  Besides that, she has another 2 big groceries bags hanging on both her arms.  I am also holding two big bags. 

We are really mad with the ignorant attitude of the young cashier.

This cashier is the exceptional one.  For all our previous purchases, the cashiers will separate the two heavy bottles into two different bags or double the bags.  But this one put 4 litres into a thin plastic bag.  She refused to our request for separating the bottles or doubling the bag. 

As we board the MRT, both the handles of plastic bag gave way, together with the beverages, the whole bag felt to the floor.

This is great embarrassment.


We are super angry with this cashier for her laziness.  It is stated that a Pandan Chiffon Cake is given Free with purchase of a 2 litres bottle of FarmHouse Milk.

She told us to get the Free Cake ourselves at the milk or bakery section.  We asked her if we can get it at the customer service counter, she said no.  We asked her to confirm with the other staff, she refused. 

Giant IMM is huge, walking from the cashier at the entrance to the other end right at the back is far and tiring.  My sister brought out a Pandan Chiffon Cake, but this cashier took it away and told her to get the Free Cake at the customer service counter.

She is obviously making fun of us.

I observed that this cashier is really lazy, when customers make enquiries, she told them to check it out themselves.

This cashier looks really young, like a student.  She wore a pair of bright pure sky blue color lens, with a vainly tied hair.  What disgust us the most, is her really bad attitude and she stood tight at the cashier counter like a flower vase, just for displaying purpose.

 Writing feedbacks to Giant is useless.
Giant has very poor customer service, s
o far, they have never reply to any of my friends' feedbacks.


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