13 December 2011

Kose Seikisho Exfoliating Massage Gel

  • Amazing Blackness. Amazing Clarity. 
  • Black self-warming massage gel clears clogged pores & clarifies your complexion. 
Highlight :
  • This is a thermal self-warming massage gel containing black scrub granules with easy rinse-off feature. 
  • Black gel-base containing nano-black powder spreads evenly on skin for a smooth massage.
  • Thermal self-warming action envelopes skin, akin a hot towel, opening pores for easy removal of dirt clogged inside. Black scrub granules glide over skin, excavating debris and sebum from pores.
  • Pores clog and old skin cells are removed within minutes when gel turns from black to gray color. Skin feels so smooth and refreshed after rinsing.
  • Comes with SEIKISHO's classic herbal floral scent, refreshing the mind while cleansing the skin effectively. 
Active ingredients :
  • Coix Seed Extract (Moisturizer) 
Usage :
  • Use two to three times a week after washing face. Towel dry face.
  • Spread with fingertips, little by little until it covers entire face except eyes and lips. (An appropriate amount used for entire face is about the size of a large cherry 2.5g).
  • Massage well.
  • Rinse off after the color of gel changes from black to gray.
Ingredients :


My Thoughts

This black gel has a smooth and sticky texture, with very little mild exfoliation beads.  It has a unique perfume fragrance, which reminds me of the chinese medicated oil.

After cleansing my face and towel dry, squeeze out gel onto my palms and apply onto my entire face and neck, and rub in circular motion.

When the gel contacts on my face, it starts to heat up, giving my face a warm sensation.  With continuous rub, my face feels hotter and hotter, and the gel turns grey color.  

Rub in circular motion for a few minutes and rinse off with water.  After scrubbing, I see my face is real clean, with a much clearer, smoother and brighter complexion.

But, sometimes when I rub, the gel gets too hot that my face got sting, with some hot itchy red patches around my mouth area.

It comes with an inconvenient screw cap.  Whenever I open the cap, the soft gel will uncontrollably flows out from the hole causing a great mess.  To prevent the mess, it is best to put the tube upside down.


xiaoqing♥Aki said...

OOo, I was always wondering if this is good. ^^. I 've try the Kose Mask and it's good~

Cami said...

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Bebe said...

Hi Xiaoqing. I've not tried the mask. Kose products are costly, so I don't buy them often.

Hi Cami, I'm already following you for quite sometime already.

Nina Gonzalez said...

happy holidays! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am hosting 3 great giveaways, 2 of which end at midnight, tonight :) xo!

Leisy said...

I've never tried this... It's a bit weird that it's black, never seen an exoliating gel like this..


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