18 December 2011

Everyday Body Shampoo


Ingredients :

My Thoughts

I bought this body shampoo from Malaysia.

It comes in a really long bottle, which it heavy, difficult to hold on and squeeze out the shampoo.  So, I will pour it out to my own pump bottle.

I love the strong floral scent of this transparent pink shampoo, it smells so nice.

Add water to lather to bubbles, and bathe. 

After bath, my skin feels smooth and clean, with a long lasting nice scent.  But, it has not moisturized my very dry skin.


Rita said...

Hello, I am sorry if you like Rita can rewrite the giveaway, I had accidentally deleted the page apology

Bebe said...

Ok. Thanks.

Shy Cheeeks said...

Nice Blog, hope you follow mine too (:

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