31 December 2011

Gifts From Hong Kong

My mother-in-law and Theng bought us these gifts, during their recent Hong Kong trip.  Thank you soo much.

Rosette Hello Kitty Acne Wash 120g
Rosette Hello Kitty Apple Gommage 120g

Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion 400ml
comes with FREE
Dove go fresh Rebalance Body Wash 55ml

Bossini T-shirts - Large size

Century Egg Pastry 皮蛋酥

Wife Cake 老婆饼

My Thoughts

These Wing Wah Cake Shop 榮華餅家 pastries do not taste good at all.

I prefer the ones my sister bought on her Hong Kong trip earlier on, which the Century Egg Pastry 皮蛋酥 are really delicious.

I remember seeing a white plastic bag with red words, 永华 and the shop is located outside YauMaTei MTR.


habbott2 said...

Nice haul! I LOVE the Hello Kitty lotions!


ZatZ said...

please give me the lotions <3

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