08 April 2011

Hada Labo AHA / BHA Exfoliating Face Wash


Combination of AHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid ) & BHA ( Salicylic Acid ) provide clarity, brightness and promote healthy skin by preventing dead skin cell buildup.  Skin’s surface is improved with a smoother texture.

Gently exfoliates skin to remove impurities, dirt and oil trapped within pores.

Polishes away dullness and refines skin’s texture for visibly clear, smooth and radiant skin.

It is free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant.

Skin pH balanced.  Low irritation.

This product is recommended to be used with a sunscreen product.

Directions :

Use twice a day.  Squeeze sufficient amount onto your palm.  Lather with water and massage onto face, using gentle circular motions.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Ingredients :

My Experience

This white face wash has a unique scent, like some sort of medicine.  Its texture is extremely soft, smooth and creamy.

It comes in a convenient flip cap with a huge dispensing hole.  I have to carefully open and squeeze it out from the hole, otherwise it will cause a mess on the cap.  Clean off the face wash outside the hole and on the flip.

Leaving the tube upside down, with the cap upwards will prevent it from flowing to the cap. 

If wearing makeup, remove it with cleansing milk before using this face wash.  I do not feel this alone will thoroughly remove thick and waterproof makeup. 

Regardless I am without makeup, with light makeup or thick makeup, I always use cleansing milk before cleansing foam.  Double cleansing is definitely better.  I feel the air outside is not very clean.

This creamy face wash is rather thick, so a little is enough to wash my entire face.  I love the soothing feeling when rubbing this cleanser all over on my face.  The soft, smooth and creamy feeling feels very comfortable.

This face wash does not lather much.  Squeeze out a little onto palm, add water to lather.  Apply onto face, eyes and neck.  Wash in circular rubs for a few minutes.  Then rinse off with water.

After, my face is smooth and bright.  Looks clean and fresh.  No tight and dry feeling.  It keeps the oil away for quite a long time.

After squeezing many times, the tube becomes crumpled and flat.  When it gets more and more hunch back, it loses its balance and falls to the floor.  I have to gently squeeze and squeeze the tube till it is back to its original shape.

Recently my hubby went for a sun tan, his face becomes dark and oily.  His forehead and nose are super oily.  After washing with this face wash, his face is back to oily almost immediately.  Dots of oil all over his forehead and nose. 

Guess this face wash is too mild for super oily skin and will not make tan skin brighter.  After using it for 2 weeks, his face is still oily, dark and dull.  Probably it will take a much longer time to see good result.


j3nny said...

Double thumbs up for this one! =D

Bebe Lee said...

I love Hada Labo products, especially the lotions.

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