20 June 2015

The Nail Lab

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The nail polish looks really pretty but then it's the real lousy type, not lasting at all.  It comes off bit by bit and within a week, there's nothing left on my fingers.

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 photo TheNailLab06.jpg

The nail polish on my feet is of a different brand and this one is lasting.

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I got it free with a voucher.

I find it so weird that when I was early for my appointment, even when there was no customer, the manicurist told me to be back at the exact appointment time.  
The manicurist can be quite arrogant, unfriendly and rude.  
I don't like her type of poor service and bad attitude.

$66 for a Classic Manicure + Pedicure is very expensive.
I would rather go to the other shops in Far East Plaza where they are doing promotion for the Gelish type at a much cheaper price.


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