02 June 2015

Mandom Barrier Repair Repair Concentrate Serum

 photo MandomBarrierRepairConcentrateSerum03.jpg

 photo MandomBarrierRepairConcentrateSerum04.jpg

My Thoughts

I kinda like this bottle of serum.  The concentrated milky white serum doesn't come with a perfume scent.  Once a day in the morning, I will pump 3 times onto my palm, spread and massage it onto my entire eyes, face and neck.  It's not easily absorbed into skin and it leaves my skin coated and sticky for a while.  

After every application, my skin is feeling moist and supple.  But it's disappointing that it doesn't make my skin smoother and it's not effective to remove the wrinkles.

I bought it from Hong Kong.  It's not available in Singapore.

 photo MandomBarrierRepairConcentrateSerum05.jpg

 photo MandomBarrierRepairConcentrateSerum01.jpg

Mandom Barrier Repair Repair Concentrate Serum  60g

 photo MandomBarrierRepairConcentrateSerum02.jpg


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