15 June 2013

PETS Magazine + FirstMate Pet Food

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood01.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood02.jpg

I bought two copies of PETS Magazine at $5 each and got free 2 bags of Pet Food.

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood03.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood04.jpg

For Cats worth $22

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood05.jpg

FirstMate A Renaissance Cat Food - Fish & Potato with Blueberries  454 gms

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood06.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood07.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood08.jpg

FirstMate Salmon Formula  156g
FirstMate Turkey Formula  156g
FirstMate Chicken Formula  156g

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood09.jpg

For Dogs worth $27.50

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood10.jpg

FirstMate Grain Free Dog Food - Chicken with Blueberries Formula  454 gms

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood11.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood12.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood13.jpg

FirstMate Grain Free Dog Food - Australian Lamb Formula  454 gms

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood14.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood15.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood16.jpg

FirstMate Salmon Formula Dog Food  354g

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood17.jpg

 photo PetsMagazineFFirstMatePetFood18.jpg


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