13 June 2013

Acnes Medicated Point Clear

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My Thoughts
I'm loving the handy yellow tube of Acnes Point Clear.  It contains 9ml of transparent liquid that's feels like water, with a slight medicated scent.  It's easily applied, just roll it on the pimples and acnes, and wait for it to dry up.  It dries up fast and doesn't leave a trace on the face, no oily or sticky feeling.
Recently two red pimples appeared beside my mouth and on my eyebrow.  They dried up after two applications, where I can just peel them off.  This is an effective product that's convenient to apply and can be used anytime when needed.  Think I'm getting old, so I don't have many pimples now, but I still apply it daily on my cheeks to prevent them from appearing.
Since it's a roll on, I find that it's unhygienic to share it with others so I bought two tubes, one for my hubby and one for me.  It has also helped to keep the acnes under control on his super oily skin.
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