26 January 2013


Hindu festival Thaipusam parades through Chinatown to Sri Mariamman Temple.
 photo Thaipusam201301.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201302.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201303.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201304.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201305.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201306.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201307.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201308.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201309.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201310.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201311.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201312.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201313.jpg
A very long snake made with yellow lanterns along South Bridge Road.
 photo Thaipusam201314.jpg
 photo Thaipusam201315.jpg


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