19 September 2013

La Senza Body Kiss Berry Lovely 3-in-1 Wash

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My Thoughts
La Senza Body Kiss Berry Lovely 3-in-1 Wash for shower, bath and hair comes with a lovely pearl pink color, creamy texture and has a very sweet bubble gum scent.  Although it can be used on the hair, I've never once tried it as I prefer to use it as a body wash.  With water added it lathers to bubbles and is easily rinsed off with water.  It leaves my skin clean, smooth and moisturized with a lasting sweet scent. 
Actually this bottle belongs to my sister, she seems to love body washes with sweet fragrance.  For me, I don't fancy this kind of super sweet scent cos it makes me feel as if I'm a bubble gum.  It's too sweet for my liking.
 photo LaSenzaBodyKiss06.jpg


jiru said...

I'm not a fan of super sweet fragrances either, but the pink packaging does look really cute!

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