24 February 2011

JuJu Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Cream


Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Gel Cream is a gel type facial cream that provides ultimate moisture to your skin. Your skin moisturized but there is no greasy texture.

Bio-Hyaluronan captures moisture and keeps it, while Glycerin smoothen your skin.  It creates the moisture veil on your skin to protect from dehydration.

Low acidity, Fragrance free, Color free, Mineral Oil free, animal ingredients free.

This is a high performance moisturizing gel cream with a high concentration of moisture-rich hyaluronic acid.  It efficiently penetrates deep to the skin and gives instant replenishment while at the same time helps remove fine lines and improve your skin texture. The improved skin moisture balance also helps a better application of makeup on next morning.

Suitable for all skin type.

How to use :

Use after cleansing and toning.  Put a small amount in plam and use fingertips to apply the product to your face and neck.  Massage gently until it is absorbed.

Ingredients : Water, glycerin, dimethicone, stearic acid, peg-15 glyceryl stearate, behenyl alcohol, steareth-3, carbomer, sodium stearoyl glutamate, methylparaben, stearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, sodium hydroxide, propylparaben, phenoxyethanol.

My Experience

This soft white cream is sticky like glue when I dig it out from the bottle.  But after a while, it turns smooth. 

A little is enough for my face, eyes and neck.  After a few circular rubs and pats, it absorbs into my skin leaving it sticky.  The thicker I apply, my skin is stickier.  To prevent my face from being too sticky, I have to apply a thin layer. 

Next morning, my face is not sticky anymore, but matte and hydrated.  My nose area shines.  The skin around my eyes is smoother and lines soften. 

I apply it on my hubby’s face and see that his whole face is well hydrated with the pump effect on his eye area.  Except that it is a bit too hydrating for his nose and forehead that they become oil shiny.

Since this is a very sticky cream, I apply it at night only. 

It is better if it comes with UVA/UVB rays protection.  Although I apply this cream at night only, I still need to protect my face from the harmful rays.  The sun is shining on my face even before I wake up.

Hoping to get better result.  At night, I apply it together with Juju Aquamoist Whitening Gel Cream.  I dig a little of each, blend them by rubbing my palms together, and apply to my face, eyes and neck.  It leaves my face sticky.  Next morning, it will not be sticky anymore.  My face is bright and hydrated with a shiny nose.


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