13 July 2016



Playbrush is an award-winning device that helps children with their daily toothbrushing by making it a fun game. With Playbrush, kids can play entertaining & instructional mobile games whilst brushing their teeth.

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Before activating the toothbrush, charge it for one minute.

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Playbrush – The 3-in-1 Solution
Developed with dentists and more than 300 children.

Here is why Playbrush is perfect for you


If mobile games are so fun, why can’t toothbrushing also be fun? Playbrush makes a game out of cleaning your teeth and thus creates a positive atmosphere around toothbrushing. Shoot Crobies, fly planes and save the tooth fairy – all just by brushing your teeth. No more stress, great fun.


Motion sensors in your Playbrush record how you brush your teeth (place, duration and speed) and a specific game algorithm helps children to brush for long enough and everywhere in their mouth. Real time feedback in the form of brushing statistics as well as a unique reward system is encouraging children to brush more accurately and regularly (2 Minutes twice a day).


Your humble manual toothbrush has been transformed into a game controller. Playbrush attaches to almost any manual toothbrush and with up to 6 profiles per device, one family can easily share one Playbrush. Also, you do not require internet, Bluetooth is enough to start your brushing adventure.

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Install UTOOTHIA App from Play Store on your handphone

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