01 November 2015

Beautti Slim

 photo BeauttiSlim06.jpg

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2 complimentary sessions of 2.5 hours Spa Indulgence Treatment  

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 photo BeauttiSlim14.jpg

Facial + Body Massage  刮痧

 photo BeauttiSlim15.jpg


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 photo BeauttiSlim17.jpg

 photo BeauttiSlim18.jpg

It hurts so much but I got to tolerate the pain cos my brother says must use strength than it's effective.  The China beautician really got strength & she has good skills.  I really enjoyed both the visits.

  photo BeauttiSlim03.jpg

Dual Enhancement Facial Tool  worth $38

 photo BeauttiSlim04.jpg

 photo BeauttiSlim02.jpg

 photo BeauttiSlim05.jpg

I got them from Beautti Slim


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