16 June 2013

Dogoodsg Hamper

 photo DogoodsgHamper07.jpg


  photo DogoodsgHamper08.jpg

Starfruit, Apple, Plum

 photo DogoodsgHamper09.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper12.jpg

Deli-Swallow Bird’s Nest with White Fungus and Rock Sugar  70g

 photo DogoodsgHamper13.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper10.jpg

Brand’s Essence of Chicken  41ml

 photo DogoodsgHamper11.jpg

Eu Yan Sang Essence of Fish  70g

 photo DogoodsgHamper04.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper05.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper06.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper03.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper14.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper15.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper16.jpg

  photo DogoodsgHamper01.jpg

 photo DogoodsgHamper02.jpg

I got it from Dogoodsg


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